Saturday, July 25, 2009

Videos from Nana and Papa's

Hanging out in Colorado

So far we are having a great time hanging out here in Colorado. The weather has been perfect and there is so much to do. Julia came to stay at Nana and Papa's for the first week of our visit and we all went to the Children's Museum here in Denver. More to come as our vacation continues.

4th of July

We had a great time hanging out on base. Adelynn loved the bouncy castle and we got to enjoy the fireworks with some friends from church.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dance Party

So here is a little dance party we had at the house the other day. Adelynn just loves to get her tu-tu on and dance. She had already taken off the pink cowboy boots by the time I took this video, but it was a great outfit. As you see Luke is getting into everything, I am ready for him to start walking soon. I cannot believe it has almost been one year.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So, it's been awhile...

So, I spoke with a couple of people who actually view my blog and realized I hadn't updated in a LONG time... How life gets away from us. We have been busy with day to day things. Adelynn has started ballet (more pictures to come as the class progresses) and swimming again. It seems we are never home, except when one child is sick.Time flys by with our schedule being full every day of the week. One of these days I will learn to slow down with activities outside the house so I can actually take care of the house. Jason is still very busy with school and work, so we LOVE our weekends when daddy is home.

Luke is growing and growing, he is now as big as Adelynn was at 1 year, and he is only 8 months old.

Adelynn loves to play "princess" and dance around the house and then has to go outside to play catch. I love that I have the girly girl tomboy. I will try to be much better about posting...Like all of you know, I have great intentions. I included a few of our recent pictures to show how big the kiddos are getting.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are done with our last project for this house. I think I have said that before...but this time we mean more! Here are pictures from the process of laying the new floor in the family room. Now all that is left is moving the furniture back in.

Hanging out at the house...

So I just thought I would show y'all what a typical day is like...

The first picture was taken while I was cooking dinner and I thought Adelynn was in her kitchen cooking. After a little while I realized it was pretty quiet and went in to find Adelynn with lip gloss using it as "makeup." "Just like Mimi," is what Adelynn told me.

The next pictures are from our dance party. We had most of the furniture moved out of the room to start installing the new floor. Adelynn doesn't want to move the furniture back in, it is more fun with an empty room.