Saturday, November 15, 2008

We are done with our last project for this house. I think I have said that before...but this time we mean more! Here are pictures from the process of laying the new floor in the family room. Now all that is left is moving the furniture back in.

Hanging out at the house...

So I just thought I would show y'all what a typical day is like...

The first picture was taken while I was cooking dinner and I thought Adelynn was in her kitchen cooking. After a little while I realized it was pretty quiet and went in to find Adelynn with lip gloss using it as "makeup." "Just like Mimi," is what Adelynn told me.

The next pictures are from our dance party. We had most of the furniture moved out of the room to start installing the new floor. Adelynn doesn't want to move the furniture back in, it is more fun with an empty room.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Here are a few pics from Halloween. The kiddos were Pebbles and Bam-bam. Dad didn't like his son wearing "mini-skirt."

Virginia and DC

We spent three weeks out east while Jason was TDY. The kids and I enjoyed having an empty schedule and Jason's work allowed us to do some great things as a family. We enjoyed seeing all the historic sites out there and Adelynn loved all the interactive museums...especially Jamestown's ships. We spent the last two days doing a whirlwind tour of DC. We can't wait for our next trip...DISNEYLAND!